Dorit Jordan Dotan

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Dorit Jordan Dotan, multi-media artist, was born in Israel in 1961.  In her work Dorit combines her photography with innovative digital art.  Her images often express her social/political views. Through her creations, she attempts to call attention to social and cultural issues. Her recent work had dealt with her family’s journeys, from Vienna to Shanghai to Israel.  

Jordan Dotan lives and works in Chicago, IL. She is currently working on a group exhibition with the Mid West Artist’s Lab of Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago.  Her work has been exhibited in Israel and around the world. In recent years she has exhibited often in the Hebrew Union College Museum, in a continuing process of creating modern Jewish art.

Dorit has participated in the Jerusalem Biennale of Jewish Art in 2015. She is currently working on curating an exhibition at the Evanston Art Center for Fall, 2017. She collects found objects in order to create new and useful items, transforming what’s been discarded into things of worth and beauty.  Lately she has returned to her brushes and paints, and is working on a series of acrylics and colored pencils. 

For the past twenty years, she has run her own independent graphic design studio.

Most of her clients have been non-profit Israeli-Palestinian organizations which are active in the areas of peace, co-existence, women’s issues and human rights.  

She has created an impressive body of fine art images and photographs, including architectural, textural and urban genres. 

As a long-time participant in many social change activities, her role as a documentary photographer has brought her photographs and designs to the wider Israeli public. 

She has often served voluntarily as in-house photographer for many activist organizations.  Her photographs have been published in Israeli online news and have been used for publications, brochures, and posters of non-governmental organizations all over Israel.

Ms. Jordan Dotan is an Exclusive Photographer with iStockphoto (Getty Images).  

Fellow Member at the Jewish Art Salon. 

Artist at the Midwest Artist Lab 2016-2017, Spertus, Chicago.

View this artist’s recent posts here.

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