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Goldie Gross

Work 1: My Jewish Nose (עס איז נישט אנדערש). Oil and gold leaf on panel.

Work 2: In Spite of You, We Live On. Oil on panel.


Goldie Gross is a Brooklyn born & bred artist, curator, and student. She is working on several bodies of work, including a series on the veil of ignorance with Sara Mochkin, an ongoing series of portraits of strangers, and bits and pieces on modern and historical anti-Semitism.

She has curated The Invisible Jew and Natural Instincts for the Jewish Art Salon, and co-curated POW!!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence and Convivio: Jews, Hispanics, and the ComicsShe was recently the curatorial assistant for Jewish Art Salon’s Spinoza, Marrano of Reason in Amsterdam, NL, and she curated the first and second annual Sukkahwood. She co-produced the Jewish Art Salon’s exhibition Jerusalem Between Heaven And Earth at the Jerusalem Biennale 2017, curated by Ori Z. Soltes.

She likes to play with blowtorches and precious metals in her spare time.


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