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Helène Aylon at Bnai Jeshurun Panel

hacoverSandee Brawarsky, Culture Editor of The Jewish Week, will moderate a panel comprised of three BJ women artists — Helene Aylon, Susan Reimer-Torn, and Basya Schechter — who grew up orthodox but then had serious questions about that world and their place in it. Years later, they found themselves attracted to BJ, its authentic spirituality and its broader, more open view of Judaism. Each of the artists will speak about the path she took and share some of their work.

Jan. 15, 6:30-8:30, 2015.

Bnai Jeshurun Community House, 270 W. 89 St. , New York, NY

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Aylon is the author of Whatever Is Contained Must Be Released: My Jewish Orthodox Girlhood, My Life as a Feminist Artist, published by The Feminist Press.
“The 70’s work was about the visceral and orgasmic body and the inevitability of change; The 80’s was about the earth, halting the arms race, uniting women from warring nations; In the 90’s my aim was to shine a feminist lens with scholarly inquiry into ancient texts and practices that omit or deny the presence/input of women; In the 00’s the G-D work has become more autobiographical regarding my ultra orthodox background.”
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