When you do this for the first time:

If you do not have a WordPress account, you need to set one up before you can post.

How to set up a WordPress account

You received an invite from jewishartsalon@gmail to be a “contributor”.

Before you  click on “accept invitation” first go to  wordpress.com 

click on “create a website” (even though you have no intention to create a website)

At bottom right: click on :”sign up for just a username:”

Fill out your email address and create a username and a password. Make sure to save these somewhere because you will need these every time you create a post.

You will land on a WordPress page. Top right of page: Click on the round icon (between the pencil icon and the bell icon)

You will be asked to create a profile: First name, last name, public display name.

Click on “save profile”

THEN go back to the invite email from jewishartsalon and click on ‘Accept”

To create a post: 2 step process


A.   In WordPress: On left menu click on “Add New” (underneath “all posts”)

B.   Write title and text:

3rd person only.

If it is an exhibit make sure you include:

Title of exhibit, Venue name and address, Dates & hours, Description of the exhibit. Include as much info as possible.

If available: venue website that links to the exhibit,

Use capital letters where necessary, but do not use capitals for entire words.

C.   Click on “submit for review” on the right

Do NOT add categories or tags. The webmaster will do this.


Email images to jaslistings@gmail.com 

Do not email jewishartsalon@gmail, only jaslistings@gmail.com

Subject line: (Title of your post)

Your jpeg(s), labeled with your name; format 72 dpi and no more than 200 kb.


Do not put anything in the email body. Do not attach any documents, only jpegs.

If your images do not conform to above, the webmaster will not notify you. Getting us the right format images is your responsibility.

If your post is not posted within 10 days of submission, then the post was created incorrectly. Most likely the images were the wrong size.


Once you created your first post, the process is much easier!

Next time: go to wordpress.com

Log in with your email and user name

Click on “Add new” and create the post and email the jpegs.