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Between Two Worlds by Alan Falk, and Prayers of a Kohenet by Bekah Starr

May 31, 1:00-2:00pm (EDT) / 20:00-21:00 Israel time, 10:00-11:00 PDT on Zoom.

Based on Alan Falk’s current solo show Between Two Worlds: Shir HaShirim and The Dybbuk explores the romantic and magical aspects of love and the search for the sublime, and comprises of his artworks based on The Song of Songs (Shir HaShirim)  and on Sholom Ansky’s celebrated Yiddish drama, The Dybbuk. In these contrasting narratives, one is physical, earthbound, and rich in the abundance of life, whilst the other is spiritual, soulful, and weighed down by tragedy and death. Yet, in both, unconditional love prevails over all challenges directing our attention towards the unity attained by the lovers as they transcend their duality through the act of love.

Prayers of a Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) features a studio visit. Bekah Starr‘s work is a celebration of the Shekhinah, the sacred primordial divine feminine. By reclaiming the power of ancient Hebrew rituals and prayers she empowers a modern day version of a Hebrew Priestess through visual art. We will look at hercurrent paintings, inspired by the liturgy of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. The presentation will include a brief answer to the question, What is a Kohenet?

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Alan Falk has exhibited extensively in Europe, UK and the US, and has been represented by major commercial galleries in New York and London in both solo and group exhibitions. His work hangs in museums, university, corporate and private collections worldwide and he is a Fellow of the New York-based Jewish Art Salon.

Kohenet Bekah Starr is a Sacred Artist exploring connections between Jewish Mysticism and the Divine Feminine. She is a witness to the sacredness of all that is life, source, and creation. Bekah is an ordained Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) offering spiritual support through inspirational artwork and embodied ritual. | @BekahStarrArt

Screenshots of the Zoom presentation:

This series of events is organized by the Jewish Art Salon; co-sponsored by JADA Art and Art Kibbutz

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