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Sukkah Wood 2017 in NYC

The Jewish Art Salon is co-sponsoring NYC’s Sukkah Wood 2017. We provided the curator, Goldie Gross, and three Jewish Art Salon members have been selected to participate 2017: Asherah Cinnamon, Shayna Denburg and Fortune Chalme (with David Braha). 

Sukkah Wood is an event where artists will produce temporary dwelling art installations that conform with the standards of a Sukkah. Sukkah Wood 2017 can be experienced live on Sunday, October 8th 2017, between 12 and 4 pm, at Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan. 

Sukkahwood is about re-thinking something so essential to Jewish tradition through unique and out-of-the-box thinking. Its values of inclusion are universal and seeks to bring together people from all walks of life.

Asherah Cinnamon, inspired by the social justice movements of the last 60 year, uses Jewish ritual and imagery as a basis for contemporary art, bringing attention to traditional ethical concepts, while building community with diverse groups through collaboration and public engagement. She will build a sustainable hardwood Sukkah.

Asherah Cinnamon







David Braha is a designer, urbanist, and artist in the NY metro area. He resides on the Jersey Shore, where he draws inspiration from the street art and music scene in Asbury Park. David is involved in community engagement for various local causes. Fortune Chalme is a Multidisciplinary Artist and Designer. Fortune resides in New York City where she creates videos, performances and drawings. Through meditative repetitive actions Fortune explores her identity in her video and performance pieces. They will build a pillar Sukkah.

Fortune Chalme & David Braha – Proposal sketch





Shayna Denburg is a process-based multi-media artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her work philosophy focuses on the process of exploration through creative destruction and reworking of collected materials, imbuing the discarded with a new life. She searches for an explicit dialogue between environment and object, one that speaks for itself, and produces a sacred space for the viewer. She will be showing an interactive Sukkah.

Shayna Denburg – Proposal sketch


More info on Sukkah Wood here.

Update October 11, 2017: Jewish Art Salon members won first and second prize: Shayna Denburg and Asherah Cinnamon.




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