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TALMUD SYNESTHESIA – Art/Jazz/Poetry: A unique workshop

Jewish Art Salon and the Sixth Street Synagogue in NYC premier a night of break-through cross-genre collaboration. 

Jazz Talmud – Visual Art/Jazz/Poetry

Open to the public. Welcome to all.

Performance poet Jake Marmer will recite his cycle of Talmud-inspired poems, while musicians will interact with, and interpret the spoken material. Saxophonist Greg “Jazz Rabbi” Wall, Uri Sharlin on keys, Rob Henke on trumpet, and Jon Madof on guitar.

The audience is invited to sketch or paint the performers or to further interpret the words and music with their art: sketch, dance, take photos, paint. Or just hang out….

There will be discussion and conversation interspersed with the performance.

Create your own art work or participate in a collaborative piece!

There will be an opportunity to do large-scale work as well.

Exhibit of the best results will be on view at the synagogue’s social hall that night till February 29th.

$10 Cover /$6 for JAS members.

Bring your own sketch book and art materials. For non-artists who’d like to try, paper & markers will be available.

RSVP required at

Preceding the concert, Jazz Rabbi Greg Wall is hosting his Thursday night series of mystical learning and jazz. The night begins with his popular class, “The Art Of Judaism”, featuring the work of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, Rav Kook, and the Rav HaNazir at 7:30pm, and then continues with the concert at 8:30pm.

Jake Marmer

Jake merges poetry, music, and performance into various philosophically potent mixtures, like existentialist dancehall, talmudic jazz poetry, personalized bop apocalypse. He has performed extensively in New York and Jerusalem, with his band Frantic Turtle, Mima’amakim collective, and various hip downtown characters.

He is a poet/performer, working for Random House Publishing during the day. Recently, he received his M.A. in Comparative Literature from CUNY Grad Center, and is finishing up the Ph.D. coursework. He is the poetry columnist for the Forward.

Greg Wall

Saxophonist Greg Wall (also known as “the Jazz Rabbi”) has performed and recorded with Hasidic New Wave, Greg Wall’s Later Prophets, The Ayn Sof Arkestra and Bigger Band, Neshama Carlebach, the Hi-Tops, Greg Wall’s Unity Orchestra, Jazz Talmud Quartet, and has made many session appearances for record dates and film scores. He recently formed HaOrot – The Lights of Rav Kook. Greg Wall is the rabbi of the Sixth Street Synagogue and a volunteer of the Pioneers for Cure.

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