Q & A in no particular order
Chances of acceptance?
The less expensive the better. The JB has a small budget and relies on volunteers.
Competition is fierce; last year many proposals were rejected.
Their art committee is very discerning.
Do we need a curator?
No. You can appoint an artist as curator.
Whoever is the curator ( even if it is in name only) needs to be there days ahead to install. I recommend that at least 2 of you go there ahead of time, because their volunteers / installers are scarce. Be prepared to do most of the install yourself. Bring tools, hanging material etc.
Easier would be a local curator (Jerusalem or nearby)
Who will de-install the work?
You need to make arrangements with someone in Israel to do it for you and to ship it back. 

Where did you store all the boxes and packing material?

The venue will store. The JB organizers will assign you a venue, based on your exhibit.

How did you ship the work to Israel?

By crate. Expensive.

And you need a permit called the ATA Carnet .  VERY important. Without it you run the risk of a huge fine. Fee is based on the value of the work. We paid $500 for the permit because our value was very high.
Strongly suggested:  do not ship big paintings on stretcher bars.
Roll up big canvases and display them like that, or you will pay a bloody fortune in shipping.
Try shipping lightweight objects that can be shipped in a tube. Try to avoid a crate.
Another option: get there a week early and bring work with you.

Did members come up with work and the curator fashion a statement or was there discussion about the work first?

The curator selects the work.

If you yourselves are the curators, pick one person in name; don’t list all of you as curators.
The work has to fit in the theme of watershed.

How much did you have to pay for shipping the work?

We had a huge crate 7 x 7 ft which was $9,500. From NY.

The permit was $500.
Permit is based in value. You will probably pay half that .
Insurance came to $1,000. The cheapest quote came from Fractured Atlas.

Did you cover the installer’s cost for flying to Israel, hotel, etc?

The Jewish Art Salon paid their curators. Apparently very few others paid their curator.

Our total budget in 2015 was covered partially by the Biennale; We raised funds  for the rest.
Biennale will not pay that much again. I am trying to keep our new budget very low.
The less expensive it is for the biennale, the more chances you have.
You may have to pay for your own flight and lodging. Inexpensive lodging is available. See below:
Housing: they are thinking of offering all foreign participants to stay in an artist’s village 20 min from Jerysalem. Buses back and forth.
Meeting  other artists and curators for breakfast or dinner was great. Village would be fantastic.
Rates for rental are very very low in that village.
Will the Jewish Art Salon make a proposal?
Yes, but almost entirely by artists who are members. Our curator will formulate his version of the theme “Watershed” and will select between 10 and 15 artists. More info about this will be sent to those artists who are members.
Can an artist participate in more than 1 exhibit at the Biennale?
Last year they allowed that. Next year not.
If you are a JAS member and involved in another proposal, we cannot include you in the list of candidates for our curator’s review.
Was it worth the effort?
Totally. It was a blast.
Try to stay for at least a week from opening night.
Each night has a different exhibit opening, plus Friday daytime and Sunday daytime openings. Tons of opportunities to meet people.
It is a very friendly scene.