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Membership Questions

I’ve just joined JAS.  Now what happens?

Welcome!  You will receive an email within 2 weeks confirming your application submission.

Fellowship applications are closed.

Associate applications are temporarily closed. To be added to the waiting list, please email with the subject line “Membership”. You will be notified as soon as we are ready to jury prospective members.

How do I update my Fellow Artist Page?

This can only be done by the webmaster. We have not put a process in place yet. For the time being the artist pages will be updated at the time of membership renewal (January 2016)

However, your category page will be updated every time you post an event. The category page is mentioned at the bottom of  the artists page “posts by artist here”

To submit your event/exhibit for the Listings page is a separate action; click here for instructions.

How do I make a comment?

In the comment box at the bottom of each page or post. 

A comment is different than a “post”. A post is an event or exhibit that you write about in the 3rd person. See next question for instructions.

However, if you want to comment on something you see on the site, for instance you want to congratulate someone on their work, enter this in the comment box below each post. If you do not see a comment box, then that particular page does not allow for comments.

How do I list my event or a call for entry?

Click here for instructions.

My Fellow Artist Page is incomplete.

You did not fill out the bio / categories form. The link is in the email we sent you previously.

If the images are missing descriptions, then you did not fill out the application form correctly.

My Category Page (for Fellows) does not show all my posts from the previous website.

Alternate question: My category page is empty!

About the archives of each Fellow artist’s Category Page (not to be confused with the list of categories here):

If there are no posts on your page, then you have not posted an event or exhibit yet. 

If we had posted an event of yours on our previous website, but it does not show up on this website, please know that we could not re-enter the thousands of posts from the previous website. We did post most previous JAS exhibits and events; if you participated in any of these, then those will show up on your category page. Any new post you make will show up there too.

Not all my categories are listed 

On the list of categories (see here) we had to slim down the number from the 100+ categories that were entered. Many of the categories that listed only 1 artist were consolidated or eliminated in order to keep the list manageable.

If you are not listed in any categories, then you did not fill out the bio/category form.

I have a gmail account and JAS emails get marked as spam, or end up in the Promotions tab (or I don’t receive them).

Many users with gmail accounts have reported that JAS’s email are being marked as spam or end up in their Promotions tab. In order to prevent this from happening, please add our email addresses to your contact list (,,,, You can also add a filter to your account to never send JAS emails to spam. MORE INFO

If our emails end up in your Promotions tab, click on the email and drag it into the Inbox tab. When asked if you want to continue receiving the emails in your inbox click “yes”.

What is my membership renewal date?

January 15.

I am changing my email and/or mailing address.  Can you update my record for me?

All: update your email info by clicking on the emails you received from us through our email manager “Mailchimp”. At the bottom of these emails is the option to “update subscription”.

Fellows & Associates: In addition to the above you need make sure you update both the newsletter email and the membership emails, since these are 2 separate lists.

To change the email address on your Artist Page, email jasmembership (at) gmail (dot) com Subject line: “new email address”

Where do I find JAS exhibition Calls for Entry?

Call for Art for JAS exhibitions will be emailed directly to artist members. Some of our exhibits will be curated from our Fellow membership directory without a call for art. General information about JAS and non-JAS calls are on the public Resources page.

What is JAS’s definition of Jewish art?

JAS defines Jewish art as “a creative visual work that has a Jewish theme”. The artist does not need to be Jewish.

Still having problems?

Email us: state your question in the subject line. Elaborate in the email body.

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