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Fellow (Artists): Applications closed until November 1, 2023

Fellow Student (Artist and Art Professional)

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Please note that we are primarily focused on fine art, not Judaica ritual objects or traditional art. View our slide show on the home page or our Fellows page to get an idea of what we are looking for.

Art Professionals

Open for applications starting December 1, 2023


Membership Benefits    

        1. Members are eligible for referrals to museums, curators and collectors, whenever we get a request for art that fits your work.
         In addition to our own exhibits, we have assisted with both NY-based and out-of-town artists’ work being exhibited at the Y.U. Museum, New York, NY,  Mizel Museum, Denver CO; The New Museum, NYC; Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art; Reginald Lewis Museum, Baltimore MD; Stanback Museum, Synagogue for the Arts, NYC; the Educational Alliance, NYC; the Museum of Imajewnation, the Westchester JCC, Pratt Center’s Hadas Gallery, Brooklyn NY; BEKI, New Haven CT; the Center for Jewish Arts & Literacy, Blank Rome, Philadelphia; Vivant Art, Philadelphia; Industry City Gallery, Brooklyn, Sid Jacobson JCC, Vancouver JCC & others.
        2. We help many artists get published in the press, both online and hard copy. Publications have included Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art, Art Criticism, Sh’ma Journal, NY Jewish Week, Jewish Press, Haaretz, Zeek, Lilith Magazine, CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly (Arts Issue), Queens Journal of Jewish Studies, Jewish Currents, Jewish Exponent & more.
        3. Eligibility to submit your work to be considered for our exhibitions and art events.

Testimonials here.

Opening of JOMIX at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art

Session at the YU Museum, NYC

“Identities” opening at the Flomenhaft Gallery, NYC

“Punk Jews” screening; with producers Saul Sudin and Evan Kleinman, Central Booking Gallery, NYC

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