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The Jewish Art Salon has received a renewal grant by CANVAS for 2023! We are deeply grateful for, and honored by their support.

We are also excited to see our co-founder Yona Verwer quoted in the CANVAS Compendium here.

CANVAS’ support is not limited to funding: they “will be using 2023 to engage the CANVAS network of networks, distribution channels, and media outlets around opportunities for collaboration, coordination, and capacity-building. This community is dynamic and growing and, along with it, so too is the ecosystem of Jewish arts and culture.”

CANVAS is a funding and field-building collaborative that seeks to encourage, support and promote a 21st- century Jewish cultural renaissance. In just two and a half years, CANVAS has committed more than $2.25 million to the field of Jewish arts and culture, focusing specifically on what they view as the backbone of the ecosystem: networks of Jewish creatives, distribution channels for their creative work to make its way to audiences, and media coverage of that work to ensure that audiences know to look for it. 

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