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Horizon(07-06E) - Elle DioGuardi.jpg
Horizon by Susan Schwalb
Times Square Taxi by Yona Verwer
Yehuda 12 by Yona Verwer
Masada - Miriam Stern.jpg
Masada by Miriam Stern
Masada II - Miriam Stern.jpg
Masada II by Miriam Stern
Salt1 - Dorit Jordan Dotan.jpg
Water as Matter #1 by Dorit Jordan Dotan
salt2 - Dorit Jordan Dotan.jpg
Water as Matter #2 by Dorit Jordan Dotan
Rubin_Dead-Sea-Plankton-Fowler-01 - Cynthia B Rubin.jpg
Plankton and the War Dead Sea Scroll by Cynthia Beth Rubin
Rubin_Plankton+Hebrew-Egyptian-Manuscript - Cynthia B Rubin.jpg
Plankton and the Ancient Egyptian Hebrew Text State I by Cynthia Beth Rubin
Urim & Tumim 5 by Katarzyna Kozera & Yona Verwer
Kozera_Verwer_URIM_TUMIM_7 copy.jpg
Urim & Tumim 7 by Katarzyna Kozera & Yona Verwer
Tikkun 2 - Carol Philips.jpg
Tikkun 2 by Carol Philips
Tikkun 1 - Carol Philips.jpg
Tikkun 1 by Carol Philips
IMG_1691 - Joel Silverstein.jpg
The Golem Maker by Joel Silverstein
DSC_0166 - Joel Silverstein.jpg
Isaiah II by Joel Silverstein
Finding Home #82 Joseph by Siona Benjamin
Finding Home #46 Tikkun ha-Olam by Siona Benjamin
AFalk-A closed garden is my love _JAS Print - Alan Falk.jpg
An Enclosed Garden is My Sister, My Bride (from The Song of Songs) by Alan Falk
AFalk-My beloved is mine_JAS Print - Alan Falk.jpg
My Beloved is Mine and I Am His, #1 (from The Song of Songs) by Alan Falk
new473-old493 - Tamar Hirschl.jpg
The Searchers by Tamar Hirschl
image - Sandra Encaoua
Black Butterfly by Sandra Encaoua
Sandra Encaoua_1
Zay a Mensch by Sandra Encaoua
Peas in a Pod by Yehudis Barmatz/Harris
Ropes of Bondage by Yehudis Barmatz/Harris
Danielle Siegelbaum bodies, linocut, print 1 - Danielle Siegelbaum.jpg
Bodies by Danielle Siegelbaum
Danielle Siegelbaum target linocut - Danielle Siegelbaum.jpg
Target by Danielle Siegelbaum
Jacob touched by the Angle of the Lord (1)
Jacob by Eric Jabloner
Sukkah by Anya Leveille
Cheselyn Amato_Meditation on the Tetragrammaton-YudHeyVavHey-Adonai_webready - Cheselyn Amato.jpg
Meditations on the Tetragrammaton (Yud Hey Vav Hey): Adonai by Cheselyn Amato
Cheselyn Amato_Meditation on the Tetragrammation-YudHeyVavHey-Shekinah-Indwelling Presence_web ready - Cheselyn Amato.jpg
Meditations on the Tetragrammaton (Yud Hey Vav Hey): Shekinah (Indwelling Presence) by Cheselyn Amato
Sukkot by Flora Rosefsky
New Trees. Flora Rosefsky.jpg
New Trees by Flora Rosefsky
Markhoff-Joyful In the Garden_72dpi - Holly Markhoff.jpg
Joyful in the Garden by Holly Markhoff
Markhoff_Women's guild_72dpi - Holly Markhoff.jpg
Women’s Guild by Holly Markhoff
Hebraic Fragment 30 x 22 edited for JAS - Richard Rutner.jpg
Hebraic Fragment by Richard Rutner
double panel Hebraic Fragment #3 edited for JAL - Richard Rutner.jpg
Hebraic Fragment Diptych by Richard Rutner
ISL #40 - The Wall - 42x46.jpg
The Wall by Brian Shapiro


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