Asherah Cinnamon – Chuppah

How Beautiful are Thy Tents

Asherah Cinnamon was raised a Feminist, with Jewish values of Justice, Integrity, and Community. She came to the US as the immigrant child of Holocaust survivors. Much of her family were killed or lost, while others scattered worldwide.  Rarely having lived in one place for more than a few years, Cinnamon has found home and inspiration in the woods of Maine. Before becoming an artist, Cinnamon was a coalition facilitator and conflict resolution specialist for NCBI, a Washington, DC based international organization. She was honored by the US Holocaust Museum and the New England United Methodist Conference for her social justice work, and has been given grant support from Jewish and secular arts organizations. Her artwork often invites public engagement. In the context of a Jewish community or congregation, encouraging connection and a sense of belonging.  Her sculpture has been selected for exhibition across the US, Vietnam, England, and China, and has been shown in Jewish museums, Synagogues, and galleries in Maine, Oregon,  Los Angeles, and London, England.

Asherah Cinnamon is based in Limington, Maine USA