Judith Joseph – Torah Mantle

Torah Mantle: for Holocaust Torah from Lostice, Czechoslovakia, painted silk and embroidery

Created for processional at Memorial Scrolls Trust in London. Owned by Congregation Hakafa, Glencoe, Illinois.Design based on synagogue windows from Olomuoc, in region of origin of this Czech Holocaust Torah.

Judith Joseph specializes in commissioned work. Her work is idea-driven, and she works across media, chiefly woodblock prints, Hebrew calligraphy, painting and installation. Her work is exhibited internationally, and is in hundreds of public and private collections, including the Chicago Public Library, the University of Illinois, Milwaukee Public Museum, K.A.M. Isaiah-Israel Congregation, Hillel Milwaukee and numerous synagoguesNumerous solo and two-person exhibitions include the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Kraft Center at Columbia University, ARC Gallery- Chicago, the Illinois Arts Council Gallery- Chicago and the Zack Gallery in Vancouver, Canada.

Judith Joseph is based in Chicago