Judy Sirota Rosenthal – Calligraphy and Lettering

As a multidisciplinary artist, Judy Sirota Rosenethal works in many forms, adjusting to what the concept requires – site specific installation, assemblage with a variety of materials, works on paper, photography. From small meditative pieces to immersive human-size ones, the work investigates being human, the interface with human emotions /spirit and my wrestlings with the Unknown. She often works from text; what is seen and what is unseen, the space between.

As a Connecticut Commission on the Arts and Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture individual artist grantee her work has explored Seventh Heaven from Jewish Perspectives, human emotions, blessings and prayers, and storytelling on wrapped sticks. Rosenthal’s work is in numerous collections, among them: Yale University Library – Art of the Book ; Cornell University Library (Southeast Asia Collection), Ithaca, NY; HUC Museums, NY and OH; Shure Funeral Home ( New Haven, CT); Reconstructing Judaism, Philadelphia.