Harriet Finck

East Orange, NJ USA

Brief Bio and Statement

I was raised in an Orthodox home, and was yeshivah bred.
When I became a collagist, and then a painter – after some years as an
architect – I hadn’t a thought about doing Jewish themed work.
Years into it, some friends and I started an Artists’ Beit Midrash at our
synagogue, and I began making work that incorporated biblical texts.
I have made series based on whole books or stories – Job, for example, and
Kohelet. Standing at Sinai. A Rachel series. Psalms.
Sometimes the words – in Hebrew – are apparent; sometimes they are upside
down, or buried. And often – there are no words at all.
I use repetitive, simple shapes – such as the circle – in my work. They can be
letters, or faces, or cells.
I am interested in how they unite to become larger ones, and how large ones,
in turn, can be fragmented.

Ark Doors or Curtain – Envisioned


Original Painting modified for Proposed Ark doors

Paintings with Calligraphy

Kohelet mosaic
18 panels, each panel 24”x18”; acrylic, ink on paper mounted on canvas
Kohelet Mosaic Panel
24”x18”; acrylic, ink on paper mounted on canvas

Sculptural Installation

Shir Hashirim Installation
acrylic on paper; size variable