Robert Salomon Brandwayn – Menorah

Envisioned Menorah

The base square is 1 ft, the middle square is 50 inches, and the top square is 25 inches. Each square is precisely half of the one below, built upon a sacred geometry. Six columns are placed on a straight line, occupying 8.9 ft. A small gap of 1.18 inches separates each other. The 7th branch is located in front of branches 3 and 4. The distance separating them is also 1.18 inches.

The current model is based on wooden squares. Alternatively, it can be constructed in metal

This seven-branch menorah is composed of a series of wooden cubes painted in metallic gold color. They are placed one on top of the other, creating a column onto which the candle is placed. The golden tones allude to the Menorah in the Temple of Jerusalem, which was claimed to be made of pure gold. I have chosen the cube since it is the perfect form, equal on all sides. It is also a representation of the building blocks of Judaism, designed not only to project light in all directions but also to accumulate it inwardly. The seventh branch symbolizes the light of God guiding humanity in its quest for knowledge.

Robert Salomon Brandwayn’s work aims at understanding how resilience, solidarity, and the creative spirit, help migrant groups survive and thrive despite the interruption and longing being a migrant entails. He has created an imaginary chronology based on letters, photos, documents, permits, stamps, and other memories, which he has adhered to memory walls and translated to works of music and art. These explorations have made him understand how the fragility of our geographical permanence is universal and led him to explore the mystical implications of an imperfect world, where our actions can lead to its restoration.

Robert Salomon Brandwayn lives and works in Bogotá, Columbia