Susan Shender – Mezuzah Case

Kabbalah Mezuzah Case: New & Ancient Simultaneously

Cast bronze case for a door jamb installation includes two screws.
6-3/8 inch high, 1-3/4 inch at widest, 5/8 inch at deepest. A 10 cm scroll fits nicely.
Signed, limited edition of museum quality

Words and writing are central to Jewish identity. The ancient hand that carved and wrote were the inspiration for the Mezuzah case. The Mezuzah case shape is the letter Vav. The Paleo-Hebrew letter Shin is on the mezuzah. The five diamond shapes refer to the Kabbalah’s Sefirot and the 5 Books of Torah.
The Upper & the Lower and the Vav

Shin in Paleo-Hebrew. The shin stands for Shaddai, a name for G*d, and is typically on a mezuzah case.  

The piece is made from cast bronze, a 5000 year old method, and is intended to have a ‘new-ancient’ sensibility, a fresh way of looking at ancient ideas.  

Susan Shender, a native of Chicago, lives in St. Louis, Missouri.  She is a retired architect and had a practice for over thirty years.  Susan started Sukkah Soul with the design of the sukkah kit in response to the study of Jewish texts and sources.  For Susan, text study leads to visual and spatial concepts and interpretations.  Various Judaica designs along with a pendant series based on Jewish sources and photo-Hebrew are the result of study.  Travel and study continue to inspire more projects.  Susan honors her design teacher, Professor Leslie Laskey, with her work.

Susan Shender is based in St. Louis, Missouri USA