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Stations of the Cross – Art Exhibition across Manhattan in 14 Iconic Destinations

The Jewish Art Salon is proud to participate in this unique event; our Advisor Dr. Aaron Rosen is the co-curator, and Siona Benjamin is a featured artist.

Join us Sunday February 18 at 9:30 AM.

People of all faiths and spiritualities are invited on a creative and contemplative journey through Manhattan to consider injustice across the human experience.

Stations of the Cross presents a pilgrimage comprised of 14 art stations, from the Cloisters to the 9/11 Memorial. Each location presents a new work of art or adds a fresh perspective to an existing memorial.

February 14 – April 1, 2018

Curated by Dr. Aaron Rosen and the Rev. Dr. Catriona Laing.

Artwork by Siona Benjamin – “Exodus: I See Myself in You”
Gouache, acrylic and gold leaf on wood panel
Size with frames & sculpture: 6.5 feet x 10 feet, courtesy ACA Galleries.

Join the Jewish Art Salon SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH

Inter Faith Discussion with Artists

9:30 – 10:30 a.m – The Riverside Church, Christ Chapel.

490 Riverside Drive (121 Street), New York, NY 10027

Join moderator Dr. Carolyn Rosen and Panelists Siona Benjamin (Jewish artist from India, whose work is exhibited at Station 5, the Riverside Church) and Dua Abbas (Muslim artist from Pakistan, Station 4, St John the Divine) for an inter-faith discussion focused on how to visualize women’s experience of migration, hosted by Rev. Ellen Robison. 

Yona Verwer, Director and co-founder of the Jewish Art Salon, will introduce JAS’ Founding Member Siona Benjamin.

The panel discussion is sponsored by The Riverside Church, Stations of the Cross Exhibit and the Jewish Art Salon.

Siona Benjamin’s statement about her work in the exhibition:

“Based on the inspiration and from concepts of exploring Paradise or (Pardes in Hebrew and Jannat in Urdu/Arabic), I have created an exhibition which discusses and questions what is the pursuit for Paradise. Recent history and news has made me question why we all as human beings seek, pursue and strive for perfection and paradise. At what cost do we want to attain it and why do we seek that ultimate perfect home.
Looking at the thousands of images that flood the news today of people who are displaced from their homes, these refugees roaming the world are in the constant search for their lost paradise, or their quest for a new one. What is this paradise? How perfect is it? Does it meet our expectations? At what cost do we want it? What is your idea of attaining paradise as against my idea of what it should be? What would paradise be like if we ever manage to reach it, attain it?
This recent body of work hopefully ties to all my lifelong quest for home, belonging and transculturalism. The Holocaust is never to be forgotten but will unfortunately live again through the atrocities of todays wars. I wish to highlight these socio-political issues of war and violence, thus making my audience hopefully think about history and how it recycles and repeats itself. How do we stop this vicious cycle? I believe strongly we can through the forceful and persistent power of art.” 

About the Stations of the Cross exhibition:

Stations of the Cross weaves through religious as well as secular spaces, from The Cloisters museum to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to the 9/11 Memorial. Instead of easy answers, Stations aim to provoke the passions: artistically, spiritually, and ethically.

It encourages visitors of all faiths and none to take this journey using the custom app, Alight, which offers maps and podcasts from leading artists and thinkers to guide users on their way.

Stations of the Cross has travelled across the world raising awareness for those in need of refuge. It began in London in 2016, with stops including the National Gallery, the Tower of London, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. In 2017, it was held in Washington, D.C., with stops at the National Cathedral, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and adjacent to the Supreme Court. 

All events can be viewed at

Opening times vary for each destination—please consult individual websites.











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