The Jewish Art Salon Special Events Committee works in concert with the Executive Director and Exhibit Coordinator to plan and execute J.A.S. exhibits and other special events as needed.

    A member of the Special Events Committee must:

      Take on a specific task within the committee. Currently we need help with the following tasks:

    o Identify and employ speakers, panelists and other presenters
    o Research event locations
    o Manage and work with local volunteers
    o Design printed and web-based event materials

      Work well with deadlines

    Optional skills:

    •   Planning events
    •   Working with various types of computer software such as spreadsheets, page layout software
    •   Calling people you don’t know
    •   Writing
    •   Proofreading
    •   Managing people

    If you are interested, please contact Yona Verwer. Email: jewishartsalon ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com