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Special Events Committee


    The Jewish Art Salon Special Events Committee works in concert with the Executive Director and Exhibit Coordinator to plan and execute J.A.S. exhibits and other special events as needed.

    A member of the Special Events Committee must:

      Take on a specific task within the committee. Currently we need help with the following tasks:

    o Identify and employ speakers, panelists and other presenters
    o Research event locations
    o Manage and work with local volunteers
    o Design printed and web-based event materials

      Work well with deadlines

    Optional skills:

    •   Planning events
    •   Working with various types of computer software such as spreadsheets, page layout software
    •   Calling people you don’t know
    •   Writing
    •   Proofreading
    •   Managing people

    If you are interested, please contact Yona Verwer. Email: jewishartsalon ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com


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