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VISUAL MUSIC: Calligraphy & Sacred Texts Among Jews and Christians

SPECIAL LIVE JAS PRESENTATION OF ANG EXHIBITION AT THE HENRY LUCE III CENTER IN WASHINGTON, DC! Sunday, December 12, 12 PM New York, 11 AM Chicago, 9 AM PT, 7 PM Jerusalem Visual Music: Calligraphy & Sacred Texts Among Jews and Christians. The Jewish Art Salon welcomes Visual Music Exhibition Curator Jonathan Homrighausen and Luce […]

Israeli & Emirati calligraphers at the Jerusalem Biennale

Jewish Art Salon member Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen, based in Jerusalem, co-curated an exhibition with Chama Mechtaly, who is based in Dubai This groundbreaking exhibition, “Maktoub,” which means both “written” and “destined” in Arabic, features works from 10 calligraphy artists, half from Israel and half from the UAE. The venue is the Jerusalem Theater, to run from […]


JAS OPEN STUDIOS ZOOM PROGRAMS CONTINUE! Sunday, October 31, 12 PM New York, 11 AM Chicago, 9 AM PT, 6 PM Jerusalem Jewish Art Salon invites you to the next live session of our successful online series, AFTER THE FLOOD: ReGENESIS. Join the Jewish Art Salon as we continue a dialogue, investigating the artistic process […]

Call for Calligraphy

Nails in the Wall Gallery, at St. Lukes Episcopal Church in Metuchen, NJ will host the exhibition “Beautiful & Powerful Statements, the arts of calligraphy and re-purposed materials”. Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2017. The exhibition will take place from January 21 until June 1 and will include calligraphy from many traditions, including Hebrew calligraphy. The […]

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