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Countdown to Perfection – Meditations on the Sefirot

Artist Judith Margolis created a limited-edition (of 200) boxed suite of 50 giclee fine art prints, designed and illustrated by her. This work is unusual in that it brings together the tradition of counting the Omer/ Sefirot ha Omer, with the opportunity to meditate on texts/ kavanot in the context of original, colorful art images. All of these […]

Jacqueline Nicholls’ Draw Yomi Project

Daf yomi is the discipline of learning a page of Talmud a day. Draw yomi is an on-line project to follow the daf yomi cycle and to respond each day with a drawing. The original drawings are in sketchbooks, with her pencil notes on one side and the drawing on the facing page. View the Draw […]

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