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“The 613,” Book by Archie Rand

“The 613 may be the most audacious and distinctive book of its kind” -Blue Rider Press, Penguin Random House Publishers “Wow!”            “Splendid!”     “Truth!” “Rat-a-tat!”   “Dazzling!” – Art Spiegelman   -John Ashbery   -Ang Lee -Jules Feiffer   –Cynthia Ozick Archie Rand’s career as an artist spans five […]

Archie Rand: “The 54 Chapter Paintings”

The Tribeca Synagogue in New York presents an exhibition of The 54 Chapter Paintings by Archie Rand. Each painting is based on the weekly parsha and exhibited in order. Displayed for the first time as a solo exhibition, this body of work was first shown at the Jewish Museum in 1989. On Thursday November 19th the Synagogue […]

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