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Tanya Fredman in Shma’s Yetzer Ha’ra

The December issue of Shma Now features the artwork of Tanya Fredman.

The editor writes:

In an election dominated by stories of hypocrisy, deception, lying, sexual misconduct, secrecy, fake news—and much more—we at Sh’ma Now find ourselves thinking about the Jewish sensibility of “yetzer ha’ra,” the evil inclination. While the drama of the election is over, hate crimes are increasing, tried and true modes of political civility are being cast aside, and truth seems to be more elusive than ever. Our vigilance in naming and responding to the yetzer ha’ra will be tested, and we hope this issue gives you, our readers, a place to begin. This month, I’ve curated an issue that explores evil and the inclinations that drive us forward.

About Tanya Fredman

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Tanya Fredman studied studio art at Brandeis University. She has also lived in Rwanda and New York City.  She moved to Israel in 2011 and completed postgraduate studies at HaMidrasha School of Art.  She currently works in her studio at Kibbutz Ein Shemer and lives in Pardes Chana with her husband and their two-year-old son.  Fredman teaches art at the Yemin Orde Youth Village and directs community murals and projects.  Her work explores connections between different types of people that lead to a richer co-existence and to a more profound self-understanding.


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