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As We Are – Reflections During Lock Down – JewThink

“As We Are – Reflections During Lockdown” features the artworks of Sarah Lightman (JAS member), Laura Jacobs, Emily Steinberg, and Davida Pines. It is the first online exhibit on JewThink , the new not for profit service to allow diverse Jewish voices to be heard in Britain. 

As We Are – Reflections During Lock Down – JewThink

Artists statement: 

“We, four Jewish women from the UK and the US, came together to consider what it means to study the self during a time of unusual and uncanny quiet; to claim the space necessary to draw self-portraits while home-schooling a very young child or caring for ageing and fragile parents; to observe, with curiosity and suspended judgement, our own increasingly un-coiffed and un-curated external selves; to consider the face coverings that we were learning to tie on and the masks that we were working to take off.”  

View here: As we are – Sarah Lightman

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