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Happy Chanukah!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy holiday season!

Art by 6 of our members

Lynne Cassouto

Created for and featured in the Jewish Art Salon exhibition “Pow!! Jewish Comic Art and Influence” this work imagines Ben Grimm, The Thing, a canonically Jewish character, inviting the Fantastic Four to celebrate a traditional Chanukah, with each member contributing their unique talents to enhance the celebrations.

Bekah Starr 

An Octopus for Chanukah, digital print on Kraft paper, 2020. Available as part of a Chanukah greeting card series. 

Cindy Lutz Kornet

Chanukah in the Shtetyl.

Ali Shrago-Spechler

This menorah is part of an installation called “Eine Friedliche Industrie” – a Period Room reconstruction of a secular Jewish home set in Karlsruhe, Germany in the autumn of 1938 and built through the lens of the family’s matriarch. Made entirely of cardboard and Papier-mache, the medium acts as both a superficial vessel for memory and as a signifier of transience. The limited materiality creates a monotonous yet unrestrained atmosphere, allowing the audience to enter and project their own experiences and memories of home and belonging onto the objects and room. 

Chanukah Street Art: Hillel Smith painted at the Edlavitch JCC in Washington DC, Monday-Wednesday, December 7-9, along with participation from the JCC’s preschoolers, teachers, and staff. Daily candle “lightings” by special guests over Chanukah will be at 2pm each day (excluding Saturday).

Brooklyn | Yitzchok Moully will be painting at Classon Ave and Myrtle Ave on Tuesday to Thursday, December 8-10. Flames on his menorah will be painted each night of Chanukah by local artists, in partnership with Hadas Gallery.

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