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Robert Brandway at the Centro Cultural Europeo in Venice

AMERICAN CURRENT IMAGINARIES curated by Milagros Bello, at the CENTRO CULTURAL EUROPEO / Palazzo Bembo is organized in parallel to the 59th Venice Biennale. The exhibition presents 14 mid-career artists from the U.S. and South American regions.  With their own spirit and a different starting point, each artist exhibits a personal mythology and keys to a cultural territory.  Whether figurative or abstract, each work has a magical outcome in crystallizing society.  The art represents a complex visual fabric that summons internal and external global and local dimensions of the artist. 

Robert Brandwayn’s (Colombia) mixed media and gold leaf works show images of loss and memory tracing of images of the past in the infinite recourse of the collective memory of the Jewish people’s ordeals. Ghostly photos and ancestral writings resurge into present, and seals and scriptures interlace as resilient voices are revived for eternity.

The exhibition is open to the public from April 23 to November 27, 2022. Palazzo Bembo is located in Riva del Carbon 4793, by the Grand Canal, next to the Rialto Bridge.

Images left to right:

Robert Brandwayn – “Light Condenser I”, 8 x 8 inches, Mixed Media on Wood, 2021

Robert Brandwayn – “Light Condenser II”, 8 x 8 inches, Mixed Media on Wood, 2018

Robert Brandwayn – “Light Condenser III”, 8 x 8 inches, Mixed Media on Wood, 2018

Curator of the European Cultural Center Sara Danieli, artist Matt Jacobs, and curator Milagros Bello at the exhibition Americans Current Imaginaries at Personal Structures. Reflections ECC Venice Italy

Milagros Bello, Curator, and Brandwayn´s work in Venice

The selection of artworks presented and curated by Dr. Bello reflects the views of artists with diverse cultural backgrounds coming from different corners of the world. The selected artists are Beatriz Sanchez (Venezuela), Carola Orieta-Sperman (Argentina/USA), Clark Medley (USA), Diana Ocampo (Colombia), Eliana Barbosa (Brazil/USA), Grehyni Narvaez (Venezuela/USA), Karina Matheus (Venezuela/UK), Lorien Suarez-Kanerva (USA), Matt Jacobs (USA), Meg Cogburn (USA), Mercedes Inaudi (Venezuela/USA), Ricardo Carbonell (Venezuela), Robert Brandwayn (Colombia), and Sergio Cesario (Brazil/USA). MORE INFO

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