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Spiritual pixels: reconciling Judaism and NFTs

Exporting cultural richness online through the worlds of Torah and NFTs.

Artist Mike Wirth’s article Spiritual pixels: reconciling Judaism and NFTs is published in Challah Magazine, an online magazine for young Jews.

“By now you’ve heard quite a bit about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and may have jumped into their world yourself. NFTs are a creative financial technology phenomena that arose from the creation of platforms for digital creators and the like to list and value their artwork. The NFT marketplace has grown to a global multibillion-dollar cultural hub in only a few short years. I want to focus on how Jews and Jewish creators are making a niche for themselves in this volatile yet meteorically growing marketplace, and why the future of Jewish NFTs is still something that is shapeable by all of us.”

Article continues here.

Mike Wirth, Shel Rosh, 2021, Digital Print, 24″x36″

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