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VIDEO: The Role of the Feminine in the Secular and the Sacred

The Jewish Art Salon created a cutting edge intercultural/interfaith visual art exhibition of artworks based on the Creation narratives: Genesis: The Beginning of Creativity.

Jewish, Christian, Islamic and secular artists who are in an innovative dialogue to create works of art reflecting these seminal stories of religious world literature. This kind of radical cultural exchange is unique at this fraught moment in world history. 

To initiate this dialogue, we chose to discuss one of the dominant themes of the exhibition; the role of women, both in the creation narratives and in many of the exhibited artworks.  


Siona Benjamin, Artist.

Grace Bydalek, Co-Founder of It Is Good: A Festival of Arts + Faith, and Director of the Dissident Project.

Shilpi Chandra, Independent Curator and Art Historian.

Afarin Rachmanifar, Artist, Educator, Curator.

Moderator: Yona Verwer, Founding Director of the Jewish Art Salon, Artist.

Introduction: Curator Joel Silverstein

Additional comments: Curator Richard McBee

Many thanks to our panel sponsors: The Interchurch Center, CANVAS, Caravan Arts, and Richard McBee.


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