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This is very much a hands-on, member-driven organization.  The Jewish Art Salon both appreciates and depends on each volunteer to be able to offer the programming available.

Current Openings

Special Events Committee

If you want to be in on planning exhibits, fundraisers and other events, we could use your help! MORE INFO

If you are interested,  please email Yona at jewishartsalon ( at ) gmail (dot) com

Social Media WritersDo you enjoy blogging and posting to social media?  JAS’s promotional efforts need your expertise.

Fundraisers: Volunteer needed to help research grant opportunities.

Experienced Press Release Writers: Help JAS get the word out about all the awesome events happening in our contemporary Jewish art community.  


At the home of a Jewish Museum trustee, NYC.


At the opening of “Transcending History: Moving Beyond the Legacy of Slavery and Holocaust”, Vivant, Philadelphia.

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