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Water as Matter #1

by Dorit Jordan Dotan

36 by 24 inch giclee on fine art paper

limited edition of 50

350 usd + shipping

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Artist’s Description:

Atlit Salt Flats, on the Mediterranean coast of Haifa, Israel. These salt pools are direct continuations of archeological evidence of how ancient communities collected water here, into natural evaporation pools for the harvesting of sea salt. These salt pools, with weather beaten wooden piers, are also a recognized nature reserve for many migrating birds. The salt collection pools are shown in various states, depending on the changing seasons and the stages in the salt drying process. The photographs show the progression of the changes in the water itself as it transforms from liquid to solid, as a result of evaporation. The form of its matter undergoes a fundamental change. The salt’s surprisingly pink hues come from naturally-occurring algae in the water, and are intensified by the quality of light that surrounds and infuses the shoreline.