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 Faith in Color

KremnitzerThe Creative Soul presents a solo exhibition of artwork by Robert Kremnizer.

The Creative Soul Gallery, 386 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Twenty oil paintings by this artist depict unabashed acts of faith, prayer and devotion. They tap into the multiple aspects of modern belief using the unique tools of contemporary visual culture. His bold scale and expressionistic painting combine with dramatic photographic-like cropping to create riveting images. The result extends the painterly medium into a meaningful dialogue with the very nature of contemporary religious belief.

Kremnizer first studied Arts and Law at Sydney University, beginning a career as an artist.  However, following his father’s wishes, he entered the legal profession and became an accomplished lawyer in Sydney, Australia, additionally teaching and authoring a number of books on Jewish spirituality and philosophy.  After a 30 year hiatus he returned to painting, combining his formidable technical skills with a mature vision of the contemporary Jewish religious experience.

After recent exhibitions in Sydney, Australia, his large oil paintings will be seen for the first time in New York at The Creative Soul, 386 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y., from June 18 until July 30, 2015.

Opening reception, Thursday, June 18 at 8pm with wine, cheese, live classical music.

Curated by Yitzchok Moully.

View Kremnizer’s work at

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