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Jewish Art Salon – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Membership    2. Listing Events    3. Images for Social Media    4. Updating Profile Page    5. Miscellaneous


1. About Membership

2. Listings (for members): what, how to, and when

Q: I have a major event coming up. Will this be posted on the Jewish Art Salon website?

We reserve the website for special occasions only. We therefore strongly encourage you to post in our Facebook group. Occasionally, on our website or in our newsletter we may list some of the following:

If you are listed in our member directory: email us the following info in one email,  3-4 weeks in advance

    1. Subject line: Listing
    2. In email body (not an attachment): info / press release written in the 3rd person.
    3. Info needs to be more than just the venue, address and dates: write a short description of the event or the artwork (if it is an exhibition), background info, and if possible include a URL link to the event.
    4. Web-ready images: 72 dpi, no larger than 1000 pixels on the largest side.
    5. Include an announcement graphic, if available, and several images, saved with your name in the title.


a) send us info with an email manager such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. We cannot extract the images and text from those.

b) send images in separate emails. All info needs to be in one email.

c) send a link to download images. All images need to be attached.

If the submitted materials do not follow the guidelines they will not be considered for publication, and you will not be notified about the reason for not being published. Sorry, but we have time constraints.

Also, we regret not being able to answer artists’ questions. Art professionals however are invited to inquire, since their submissions may differ.

Regardless of placement on our website, you should always post your event in our Facebook Group

We reserve the right to select which events will be posted on the website or newsletter.  

Q: I am a member; how do I list my event if it does not qualify placement on the website?

 EVERY member should post their event in our Facebook group Friends of the Jewish Art Salon”, regardless of whether it may be listed on our website as well. 

Only current Salon members in good standing can post in the FB group. See also the next question.

Q: Which listings on Facebook will be rejected?

A) Listings that feature artwork without the context of a current or upcoming exhibition or other noteworthy event. In other words, do not post images saying “My most recent painting” or “For sale”, or “This artwork was just sold”.

B) Fundraising requests for organizations or people other than yourself.

I am not a member; can I list my event?

If you have a Call for Art, or another opportunity that may interest our members, email us with info at  A URL link and jpeg are appreciated.
We cannot post any other events by non-members.

3. Images for JAS Social Media (for Members only)

Q: How can I submit images for JAS social media?

  • Email address for images: 
  • ONE email per image. For instance, if you have 3 images for the same holiday, send 3 separate emails. 
  • Subject line: “name of holiday, or other lifecycle event” ( one image per email).
  • Image files need to have your name saved (e.g. brian.schwartz_purim). 
  • In the email body: Title of work, name of artist, medium, and (not required) a sentence / short paragraph in the 3rd person about the artwork. Do NOT send this text in an attachment.
  • Jpegs need to be 72 dpi and not larger than 1.5 MB.

    We can only accommodate those who submit images according to the above instructions. 
    Our social media people will make the selection from the entries. We hold on to all submissions; those not selected this year might be featured the following year. 

4. Updating your Profile Page (for Fellows and Art Professionals)

How can I select the categories pertaining to my artwork or profession?

Email to:
Subject line: categories. 
View the Art Categories page and email us which categories you want to be listed under.
Do not include any other info or images in your categories email.

How can I update my photos and bio?

Soon all members will be emailed on how to do this yourself.

In the meantime email as follows:

      In the subject line: Profile

      In the body of the email (not an attachment) your bio written in the 3rd person.
      If you send images, save them as 72 dpi, (no larger then 1 MB), with your name in the file.

5. Miscellaneous

To prevent this from happening add our email address to your contact list. You can also add a filter to your account to never send JAS emails to spam. MORE INFO

If our emails still end up in your Gmail Promotions tabclick on the email and drag it into the Inbox tab. When asked if you want to continue receiving the emails in your inbox click “yes”.

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