Call for Art: Ethical Treatment of Animals

jas_logo_smallThrough Compassionate Eyes; The Ethical Treatment of Animals 

Curated by: Julie Seidman, Joel Silverstein & Aimee Rubensteen

Organized by the Jewish Art Salon

Initial Submission Deadline: April 15, 2017.

Open to both Jewish and non-Jewish artists.

The sacred Jewish texts mandate Tsa’ar Baalei Chaim; humane treatment of animals. Yet, our modern lifestyles support amoral animal agribusiness, inhumane scientific experimentation and wanton use of animal products in our recreational and product choices.

Both the Code of Jewish Law and the Talmud forbid the infliction of pain upon any living creature. In fact, the obligation to relieve an animal from pain supersedes rabbinical ordinances regarding the Sabbath. In response, many Jews are discovering the ecological and moral importance of Veganism. Israel is in the forefront of this revolution. In 2015, ten thousand Israelis converged upon Tel Aviv for the largest animal rights rally ever held. Seven percent of Israelis currently identify themselves as Vegan as compared with 2% of those polled in America and the United Kingdom.

We are accepting submissions of artwork for an exhibition that will challenge and explore the theme of animal rights and the ethical treatment of animals. The exhibition topic is a timely one and represents a moral challenge for anyone concerned with social justice and environmental sustainability. It is an issue that the art world should be addressing and this exhibition will certainly help to make it known to a wider audience. We are encouraging artists to examine these issues through their own particular Jewish perspective, but are welcoming artists of all cultural and/or religious perspectives in dialogue. Please note that the exhibition has a vegan orientation, although artists needn’t be Vegan or Vegetarian. Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal. 

Art should be flat works of any medium, maximum dimensions 40” (H) x 30” (W). Finished Artworks should be framed, wired and venue ready.

There is no fee for the application or exhibition.

Submission Process 

  1. Email finished J-Pegs or written proposal or sketch for a new artwork. See below for info on how / where to email J-Pegs.
  2. Fill out submission form here:
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    E-Mailing J-Pegs

1)  Send 1-2 high resolution J-Pegs (300 DPI) to:

2) Label the J-Peg file: Last Name, First Name.

Separately indicate in the body of the E-Mail, medium, measurements, date and value of the artwork.

Please Note: We will try to accommodate all artists, but the Curators retain the right to accept or reject works up to the final acceptance date. Works will be formally accepted in their finished state. If your work is chosen, shipping and handling must be paid for and provided by the artist to and from the exhibition.

The exhibition will start at a non-profit gallery in Manhattan. Afterwards it will travel to other spaces in the tri-state NY area. All venues TBA later.

Possible Categories:

Animal Agribusiness: The Meat and Dairy Industry, Deforestation, Green House Gas / Ozone Depletion.

The Military Industrial Complex as related to this topic.

Scientific Experimentation: Vivisection, Product Testing, Drug Studies, Disease Studies.

Religious Sacrifice/Ritual Slaughter.

Commercial Fishing.

The Entertainment Industry: The Circus, Aquariums and shows, Bullfights, commercial animal fights, animal racing.

Sport: Hunting, poaching of endangered animals, “Canned” Hunting.

Beauty and Fashion Industry; Animal Products: Fur, Ivory, Leather, wool.

Animal Abuse.

Illegal Breeding Practices, Exotic and Endangered Animals.


Mercy for Animals

Jewish Veg

Sea Shepherd


PETA Videos: Meet Your Meat.

Humane Kosher

The feature film Cowspiracy


About the Curators: 

Julie Seidman is an artist, educator and Animal Rights Activist living in New Jersey. Her art work embodies the themes of Veganism, animal rights and ecology. She has co-worked with the organization Jewish Veg and has done outreach to community organizations on this theme.

Joel Silverstein is an artist/curator and art writer. He has written 60 articles for Art magazines as well as exhibiting at Pratt Institute, Columbia University and the Jerusalem Biennial, 2015. He is also a Founding Member and a Senior Curator of the Jewish Art Salon for whom he has curated many exhibitions including JOMIX; Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation, UJA NY, & The Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art and is currently included in Ori Z. Soltes book, Tradition and Transformation; Three Millennia of Jewish Art & Architecture, MaKom Press, 2016.

Aimee Rubensteen is an independent curator and art historian. Focusing on contemporary artists that utilize unconventional materials, Aimee’s exhibitions use art as a platform to encourage viewers to act as participants rather than just observers. She has worked for Sotheby’s as the Administrator for Ancient Sculpture & Works of Art, African & Oceanic Art, and Pre- Columbian Art Departments. Currently she is co-founder and Director of Rojas + Rubensteen Projects in Miami, Florida.


Contact Julie Seidman:

2 responses to “Call for Art: Ethical Treatment of Animals”

  1. doritjordan Avatar

    Wow! art show to challenge and explore the theme of animal rights and the ethical treatment of animals!!! Art will bring awareness to the cruelty in the food industry! Thank you JAS.

    1. jewishartsalon Avatar

      Thanks Dorit! We very much look forward to seeing you artwork related to this theme.