About the Jewish Art Salon


Session at the Y.U. Museum, NYC. Sarah Lightman presenting at Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women.

Who  The Jewish Art Salon is the world’s largest Jewish visual art organization. Established in 2008 and based in New York City, JAS has approx. 400 members and participants.  It is a global network of contemporary artists, curators, art historians and art writers.

Through its shows, events and collaborations in the US, Europe and Israel, JAS reaches approximately 6,000 individuals in 2019 and over 25,000 since its inception. 

JAS provides important programs and resources, and develops lasting partnerships with the international art community and the general public. The Jewish Art Salon has organized over 60 events: art exhibitions, workshops and interactive events exploring contemporary Jewish themes, related to current issues, reflecting popular interests and broader societal memes. 

In the New York area it hosts occasional salon sessions with international artists and scholars.

History  In 2008, Yona Verwer and Holly Wolf launched the Jewish Art Salon to create a forum for dialogue and shared experiences between artists and scholars.  Today, the Jewish Art Salon functions as a vital resource, authority and platform for the global art community and the general public. It is assisted by an international team of volunteers.

Partnerships  The Jewish Art Salon has partnered with:

Museums: Yeshiva University Museum, NYC; The Jewish Museum, NYC; Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod; HUC-Museum, NYC; Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art; Holocaust Memorial Center, Detroit; Derfner Museum, Riverdale.

NY Galleries: ACA Galleries, Flomenhaft Gallery, Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, Ernest Rubinstein Gallery, Central Booking Gallery, Hadas Gallery, Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery.

Jewish Organizations: UJA-NY, Skirball Center of Adult Jewish Learning, JCC Manhattan, Jerusalem Biennale of Contemporary Jewish Art, Columbia / Barnard Kraft Center, COJECO, LABA, Van Leer Institute, Art Kibbutz, RJeneration, JCC Hartford, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Tribeca Synagogue for the Arts, B’chol Lashon, Charter Oak Cultural Center, USC Hillel, Aleph Institute, JCC Harlem, Kenissa.

Collaborate with us! Email for details how you can get involved.

Our Team here

Testimonials here

Support The Jewish Art Salon is grateful for the support of the Vector Artists Initiative, the Council of Jewish Emigre Community Organizations, and many individual supporters.

Internships & volunteer positions Responsibilities range from administration to web maintenance & social media, basic video-editing, research and programming assistance. Interested applicants email jewishartsalon [at] gmail.com

Virtual Art Events by our member artists and curators


Spring / Summer 2020: virtual art visits

“Spinoza: Marrano of Reason” exhibition opening at the Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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