Student Membership

For a limited time, the Jewish Art Salon will be offering scholarships to notable undergraduate students who are interested in joining our community!

This opportunity allows students currently enrolled in undergraduate schooling to become student members for FREE for four years.

Benefits include:

  • Internship opportunities with artists and organizations we are affiliated with
  • Opportunities within the Salon to help produce, curate, and organize public art exhibitions
  • A student page on our website.

Eligibility to respond to calls for art for exhibitions and for the press

1) Apply here:

2) Join our email list here, for one or twice-a-month newsletter and updates:

3) Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and join our Facebook group!


When you receive the approval, you can list your art event, exhibition, book publishing, film screening, etc. in our Facebook group. 

Questions? Email goldie (at)







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