Jewish Art Salon – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Membership

2. How to list your events

3. Miscellaneous

1. Membership

  • What is the Jewish Art Salon?
    We are a world-wide group of visual artists, art curators, art historians, and art writers, interested and working in contemporary Jewish art. We organize art exhibitions and art events, and we provide important resources. Our office is in New York, our members are worldwide.
  • Benefits for artists?
    See our benefits page for more info.
  • I am an artist not located in the New York area (or the USA). Should I join?
    Yes. We have assisted many out-of-town artists with exhibitions and press. For a full list see our benefits page.
  • Benefits for organizations?
    Your or your organization’s name and/or logo linked to your website, on our Associates page.
    Your events listed on our social media.
  • How do I join?
    here to apply.

2. Listing of events

Q: I am a member; how do I list my event?

 Join the Facebook group “Friends of the Jewish Art Salon” and list your event there.

Only current Salon members in good standing can post their exhibitions, films, recent press articles etc. in the FB group. See also the next question.

Q: Which listings will be rejected?

Any listing that features an artwork without the context of a cureent or upcoming exhibition or other noteworthy event. In other words, do not post images saying “My most recent painting” or “For sale”, or “This artwork was just sold”.

Q: I have a major event coming up. Will this be posted on the Jewish Art Salon website?

On our website we post primarily art opportunities and our own JAS-involved events. Occasionally we may post about a member’s solo show in prestigious gallery or museum, noteworthy awards, book signings, etc. This is done at the discretion of whoever admin  is doing the web update at that moment.

If you think you have an appropriate event, email us the info in ONE email.

Text cannot be an attachment; copy and paste text into the email body. Text needs to be written in the 3rd person. Send us more than just the venue and dates: write a short description of the artwork (if it is an exhibition), background info, and if possible include a URL link to the event.

Do NOT send us info with an email manager such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. We cannot extract the images and text from those.

We reserve the right to select which events will be posted on the website. 

    • I am not a member; can I list my event?

      If you have a Call for Art, or another opportunity that may interest our members, email us with info at jewishartsalon@gmail.com  A URL link and jpeg are appreciated.
      We cannot post any other events by non-members.

3. Miscellaneous

  • I have a Gmail account and J.A.S. emails get marked as spam, or end up in the Promotions tab (or I don’t receive them).

To prevent this from happening add our email address jas@jewishartsalon.com to your contact list. You can also add a filter to your account to never send JAS emails to spam. MORE INFO

If our emails still end up in your Gmail Promotions tabclick on the email and drag it into the Inbox tab. When asked if you want to continue receiving the emails in your inbox click “yes”.

Other questions?

Email jas@jewishartsalon.org

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