2020 Online by the Jerusalem Biennale

The Jerusalem Biennale presents 2020 ONLINE!

In this series of online talks, Ram Ozeri, the Biennale’s Founder and Director, met with 10 artists and curators from around the world to talk about the current situation and how it effects contemporary art.

Three of the artists are members of the Jewish Art Salon.

View their videos here:

Tobi Kahn

Andi Arnovitz

Mirta Kupferminc

The goal of the series was to try and understand where creative people are at in times of lock down and social distancing, what are they working on, how does COVID19 effect their work, what is their general view on the social and political effects in their country and what do they project regarding the post-pandemic contemporary art world. 

Talks were held in English.

2020 ONLINE was presented in partnership with the Lambert Centre for Arts + Ideas at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan