Andi Arnovitz – Acquisitions and Current Exhibitions

Works by Andi Arnovitz have recently been acquired by the following institutions:

The United States Library of Congress: her collaborative artists book “The House is in the Book” which was created during Covid with two other international  artists; curated by Emily Bilski. 

Michigan State University: five of her artists books for their permanent collection.

The Burn and Trauma unit at  Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle, Washington: her print series “Acid”.

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Arnovitz’s current work on display in two Israeli exhibitions:

“504 Years Later” at “Natural Treasures” at the Rishon Letzion Municipal Gallery.

“All That’s Left” at “The Hebrew Letter in Contemporary Art” at the Moshe Castle Museum of Art, Jerusalem.

Andi’s curation of Living Under Water- Presented at the Krakow Jewish Festival

Pop-up exhibit at the Mostowa Art cafe through the end of July.

Participating Artists: JAS member Ken Goldman, and artists Leora Wise, Lynne Avadenka, Meydad Eliyahu and Dov Abramson.

Other artists who have been affiliated with Beit Venezia who had work in it: JAS members Hillel Smith, Kyra Matustik, plus artists Nathan Gotlib, Tilla Crowne, Lucia Veronesi, Jacqueline Nichols, Yael David-Cohen.