Zussman, Billha

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Israeli-born Billha Zussman studied art at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

She has both exhibited and been awarded as an innovative graphic artist, cartoonist, photographer and Judaic Art designer in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany and the USA. Member of the “Jewish Art Salon” and The “American Guild of Judaic Art”.

Member of the Education Department of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Recent exhibitions:

2000-2018: cartoon exhibitions and awards

2019: Spinoza, Marrano of Reason, Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, presented by the Jewish Art Salon, NY

2018: the Invisible Jew, Detour Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, curated by the Jewish Art Salon

2018: Ritual Art Today at the Duquesne University, curated by Ben Schachter

2018: Derfner Judaica Museum: Jerusalem between Heaven and earth, presented by the Jewish Art Salon

2017: Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art: Installation: Spinoza., Marrano of Reason. Presented by Jewish Art Salon

2017: The Golem in Brooklyn, at the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery.

2016: Freedom imagined, Freedom Lived, curated by Naomi Fishman, at the Lindwood Scheidegger Center for the Arts, Missouri, USA. Awarded for the photo Installation “Shirat Nashim or The Silence of the Sirens”

2015: Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art. Presented the animation film: “Sjnoder – Anatomy of Tzedakah”

2014: Launched her “Tootland Production/animation films

2014, 2015 created two short animation films: Ruler  and ”Sjnoder – Anatomy of Tzedakah”

2013: Golden Ghetto Award, Venice, Italy.

2013: The American Jewish Museum of Greater Pittsburgh, “A Stitch in Jewish Time-PROVOCATIVE TEXTILES”

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