Neiger, Carol

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Song of Our Souls
Monotype 1/1Monotype 1/1
Framed: 30″ x 24″

Traces 1

Oil on Canvas
30” x 40”

Open Like the Wilderness
Monotype 1/1Monotype 1/1
Framed: 32″ x 40″


Carol is a painter and printmaker and has exhibited at Woman Made Gallery, Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning, the 24th Evanston + Vicinity Biennial, the Janice Charach Gallery, West Bloomfield, Michigan, and other Midwest galleries. Carol accepts commissions and her work is included in many private collections.

She was selected as a Fellow for the Spertus Institute Midwest Artists’ Lab, a year-long course of study which culminated in an exhibition and the formation of JACC (Jewish Artists Collective Chicago) by the twelve artist-fellows, where Carol is a current member.

Neiger explores the possibility of inherited memory, creating landscapes intended to inspire feelings associated with memories in others. A visit to Portugal triggered thoughts about the tfutza, the Jewish diaspora. Discovering that European Jews have been exiled from 109 locations since the year 250 CE, she questions how Jews relate to the ideas of place and home given this tumultuous history. Her iconographic language is composed of physical symbols of community—land, home, streets—arranged as a pattern within a geographic context. Layers evoke history, and fractured space suggest the paths of movement and exile from one place to another. From the straightforward, almost banal list of Expulsions to Weather Shocks, which abstractly represents the effect of bad weather on Jewish expulsions, Neiger explores the real mystery which is in Jewish survival itself. 

Neiger’s fossil paintings emerged from discovery of traces of missing mezuzot on the doorposts of homes in Europe. Her paintings explore the traces people leave behind when they are forced to leave their homes and community; she seeks the unknown history and memories hidden behind those doors.

Neiger works in her sketchbook as a catalyst for her paintings, often painting on location then creating the final works in the studio.
Carol Neiger lives and works in Glenview, Illinois.

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