Olin, Margaret

From the series CAN ROCKS FEEL PAIN?

From the series UNLOCKING THE ERUV

Margaret Olin is a scholar and artist based in New Haven, Connecticut. She has a PhD from the University of Chicago and studied photography with Aaron Siskind as a graduate student at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology. Among her recent books are Touching Photographs (Chicago, 2012), and Photography and Imagination, edited with Amos Morris-Reich, (New York and London, 2019).

She has always regarded photography as a research tool analogous to her scholarship. In both, she tries to make visible and meaningful the mundane and unnoticeable signs in the world around her. For the last fifteen years, she has been combining the two activities in publications and exhibitions. In 2012, she curated the multi-venue exhibition Shaping Community: Poetics and Politics of the Eruv at Yale University, to which she contributed the photographic installations “No Carry Zone” and “Urban Bricolage.” Beginning in 2014, her photographic work has centered on the visual culture of the occupation in Israel and Palestine. Her photographs have been exhibited in Germany, Israel, and the United States.

Selected Exhibitions:


2012: Shaping Community: Poetics and Politics of the Eruv. Three-venue exhibition at Yale University: Institute of Sacred Music; Slifka Center for Jewish Life; 32 Edgewood Gallery, October – December.

 Artist: One and Two Person Exhibitions:

2022 Gone Like a Sip of Water – راح زي شربة مي Sarah Smith Gallery, Yale Divinity School.

2020:         Can Rocks Feel Pain: The Bitter Landscapes of Palestine. With Texts by David Shulman. Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University.

2018-20:    Marking Time: Photographs from Dheisheh Refugee Camp, 2014-2017. Palestine Museum, Woodbridge, CT.

2017:         Selections from Marking Time: Photographs from Dheisheh Refugee Camp, 2014-2017. Davenport College, Yale University.

     Women, Caves, Energy. Beth El-Keser Synagogue, New Haven, CT

2016:         Waiting Rooms of History: Photographs by Stephanie Schultz and Margaret Olin. Kunstverein, Paderborn, Germany

2013:         Poetics and Politics of the Eruv: Photographs by Margaret Olin; Paintings by Ben Schachter. Adas Israel Synagogue, Sag Harbor, New York, May 24 – August 31


Web: https://www.margaretolinphotography.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/molin48/
blog: https://touchingphotographs.com
academic site: https://yale.academia.edu/margaretolin
email: molin48@gmail.com