Rudin, Steven

Steven Rudin creates hand-cut paper collages that celebrate subjective reality with an emphasis on optimism and nostalgia. Visually, he explores the optics of depth, producing an image that is somewhere between a painting and a photograph.  His inspiration comes from the fusion of old masters and high design with a narrative plus movement.

His nearly twenty years as a psychiatrist are intimately mixed into his art. His collages serve as a metaphor for the inner workings of the mind, especially memory and identity. Rudin believes that education about psychology through art can have far-reaching benefit.

Born in 1972, Rudin is a visual artist and psychiatrist based in New York City. His imaginary scenes are a reflection of his experience in multiple disciplines including art, linguistics, medicine, and psychiatry. Rudin has degrees from Columbia University, Cornell University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  He has also held clinical and academic positions at Columbia University and the New York Presbyterian Hospital.