Moully, Yitzchok

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Bottom row: From the Overflowing Blessings series

Yitzchok Moully is a conceptual artist whose work explores the intersection of spirituality and the material world we live in. Having grown up in Melbourne, Australia, with a few formative years in Hasidic Brooklyn, Moully brings together the disparate colorful worlds of his hippie upbringing and Hasidic culture, resulting in a unique palette of colors and ideas. Moully began with silkscreen and painting in his creative process but is careful not to be limited to any one medium, rather he is constantly seeking out new modes of expressions to convey his ideas.

A Rabbi by training, Moully served as a Youth Rabbi in Basking Ridge, NJ, for ten years before embracing his creative spirit. Dubbed ever since The Pop Art Rabbi, Moully’s work distills ethereal Chassidic concepts into relatable works of art. This final point is integral, as central to his work is the viewer, or as Moully would like to see it, the collaborator. In many of Moully’s works the viewer is encouraged to interact with the work, to the point where the work is incomplete without the engagement.

Perhaps all art can be viewed as a conversation between viewer and artist, but for Moully this is the essence of what he does. Lending his unique voice and personality to the common space of art and ideas, his ultimate goal is for that conversation to continue well beyond the piece of art and into the world around us.

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  1. Ella Zeiler Avatar
    Ella Zeiler

    I am looking for the email address or website of Moucka.
    I am interested in her painting og The Rebbe

    1. jewishartsalon Avatar

      Do not know anyone called Moucka.

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