Asherah Cinnamon in Modern Judaica

Asherah Cinnamon is included among 53 contemporary Jewish artists from six countries for whom Jewish religion/culture, festivals, holidays, and life cycle rituals are an important part of their process and work.

Modern Judaica: Today’s Makers, Today’s Sacred Objects, by Jim Cohen is published by Schiffer Publishing, Atglen, PA.

The artists giving insights into why they make Judaica and what it means in their lives and in their journeys as artists. The featured works include Seder plates, ketubah (Jewish marriage documents), kiddush cups, hand-lettered Torahs, and even a Tefillin Barbie.

Stretch your perception of Judaica and gain insights into the next generation of makers and how Judaica responds to significant social issues affecting Jews and the world population as a whole.

More than 250 color photographs illustrate the makers’ works, and Jewish artists from the United States, Israel, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are featured.

Dutch JAS member Billha Zussman is also featured in the book. More info about her contributions here.