Israeli & Emirati calligraphers at the Jerusalem Biennale

Jewish Art Salon member Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen, based in Jerusalem, co-curated an exhibition with Chama Mechtaly, who is based in Dubai

This groundbreaking exhibition, “Maktoub,” which means both “written” and “destined” in Arabic, features works from 10 calligraphy artists, half from Israel and half from the UAE.

The venue is the Jerusalem Theater, to run from Nov. 20 to Dec. 30., as part of the fifth Jerusalem Biennale.

“Lenore is a Syrian-Jewish artist from Brooklyn who worked most of her life on Arabic calligraphy. And I grew up in a Muslim context in Casablanca, Morocco, and lived in the UAE for the past five years but always worked on Hebrew calligraphy and indigenous North African Jewish art,” Mechtaly told Jewish News Syndicate.

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Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen