AJS Perspectives CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Justice Issue 

Editors: Chaya Halberstam & Mira Sucharov 

Art Editor: Douglas Rosenberg 

Roundtable Editor: Jason Schulman 

AJS invites original essays, roundtables, and art submissions on the theme of justice. 

The Winter 2022 issue of AJS Perspectives, titled “The Justice Issue,” will be devoted to examining the concept, practice, and ideal of justice through a Jewish Studies lens, broadly defined. While justice refers to a desirable value or virtue including fairness as well as social or material equity, what is considered just is often highly contested. Some may associate justice with inclusion; others with strict legalism or retribution.  

Justice has often been thought of as central to Judaism and Jewish institutions, but that assumption has also been challenged. In this issue, we seek contributions from any field in Jewish Studies – including, but not limited to, religion, philosophy, politics, literature, history, sociology, and law that address questions such as the following: In what ways has the pursuit of justice shaped Jewish spaces or societies? How have Jews reshaped the notion of justice? Does the language of justice appear in unexpected places? Is it absent where we might expect to find it? What images are associated with justice in Jewish art, from ancient to contemporary? How have Jewish writers, thinkers, or activists imagined a just world? Where are the current societal cleavages around understandings of justice, both legal and social? 

Art Submissions: 

Artists are invited to address the topic through relevant practices that may include, (but are not limited to) photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, performative documentation or other reproducible media. 

Art submissions should be the highest quality digital representation in your particular medium. Please submit files with appropriate description and any additional information which may be helpful to the editors. 

We aim to promote a diversity of voices including career stage, socio-economic situation, gender, religion, race, sexuality, and ability. As such, you are invited to include relevant aspects of whatever subjectivity or positionality may inform your writing. 

The deadline for art pitches is August 1st 

Submit Here: https://forms.gle/cqMhvTAUXLBz28n7A 

Art submitters should supply an image of their artwork along with their pitch, which should describe the thematic significance. 

Questions? Email Douglas Rosenberg at rosend@education.wisc.edu

Contributors will need to be available by email to respond to curatorial/editorial suggestions for any necessary revisions in August.