Artist Statement Workshop by David Gibson (with Skype)

Dear Members of the Jewish Art Salon,

My name is David Gibson and I am both a writer on art and coordinator of art events, yet I also come from a family history in the art world that dates back to the early days of Soho and galleries of Madison Avenue, New York. The milieu from which I emerged was specifically that demimonde of the Conceptual Art World, which stretched into every vestige of my growth and connections to the world. I have learned intimately and extensively from artists, art dealers, curators, critics, and the like.

In the last several years I have been developing myself as a career consultant to artists, given my lifelong experiences in the art world and my achievements as a curator and art writer. I have since then helped many artists in different capacities to expand their thinking, improve their communication skills, and make actual contact with art venues.

The business of the art world is complex and ambiguous, directed as it is by individual business visions. Still, they hew to a perspective on the members of the artistic community that allows them to respect it from a distance, and to make notable exceptions on whom they choose to feature in exhibitions or take on as representation. (The same is true of judges for submissions of residencies or grants).

Having a strong artist’s statement is imperative these days, as artists are judged by their statements as well as their art.

I wish to offer my consulting services on the basis of “How To Have A Statement,” my workshop to develop individual abilities for engaging linguistically with your art business counterparts.

I will need you to send me ( your current statement and few images of your work, or a link to a web site. Please send only Word documents as attachments. I will send you a list of questions that need to be addressed in order for our interaction in the context of the workshop to be fulfilled over Skype.

Cost for the workshop will be $100 per person, payable via Chase Quickpay or Paypal in advance of a scheduled meeting. My feedback on the final status of your statement will be via email.

Following the workshop I am available for extended consultation, and can aid you in promoting your newly developed exposition and unique vision to the business side of the art world. For information regarding this please visit

Yours Sincerely,

David Gibson