Call for Art: Homelands

The Jerusalem Biennale, an international survey of contemporary Jewish Art, provides a stage for professional artists who work with Jewish topics. They accept proposals for group shows based on a common overall theme. The upcoming biennale theme is Watershed: A defining moment. It will take place during October 2017.



Homelands is a proposal in formation that seeks to explore artists’ reflections on one of the defining moments of the last century: the disbanding of Jewish communities throughout the Muslim world. The Islamic world, once host to many thriving Jewish communities and over a million Jews, today holds less than 30,000 Jewish people. Many communities’ 2,000 year old heritages were changed forever as they were forcibly terminated. We seek to present this issue from both a personal and communal perspective, utilizing work that relates to this event on multiple levels.

The Jewish world was dramatically affected by this, and we are still in the process of dissecting, exploring, and coming to terms with its effects on our cultural heritage. Homelands will present artist’s views on the consequences of this moment.

Through their work, artists can provide unique, personal and insightful ways to think about these issues. The Jerusalem Biennale is the perfect platform to spark dialogue and meaningful contemplation about them. In a worldwide survey of contemporary Jewish art, this voice can add much by being represented. After the Biennale, Homelands has enormous potential as an advocacy and educational tool and will be traveled to venues throughout Israel and the US.

Curator: Meirav Balas, PhD

Organizer: Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen, Artist

Supported in part by The American Sefardi Federation and JIMENA: homelands-show-call-announcement-adJews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Work by professional working Artists, students’ work will not be considered.

Work does not have to be created by artists of this background or heritage, but the art needs to relate to this topic in some way.

Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to apply. 2-d works, sculpture, video and performance art are welcome.

Suggested areas the artists can explore/represent/show their reactions to:

Communities as they existed in these countries before they disbanded

The migration/expulsion experience, be it forced or voluntary

The consequences on individuals, communities, the Jewish world, or more broadly, world politics (realities in the Middle East today and how they were partially shaped or affected by these events).

The culture of Jews of Islamic countries as it exists today- how is it still thriving and finding expression in the modern world, removed from its origins?

How to Apply

Deadline: October 7th, 2016. Artwork will not be considered if received after this date.

Send an email to that includes the following:

Image of the work(s) titled FirstName_LastName_TitleOfWork, jpegs only please

Information about the work(s): Title, year, medium, and a brief description of how it relates to the theme.

A CV and Artist’s Statement.

Estimated cost of shipping your artwork(s) to Israel